Made in 3 hours for Trijam!

The game is playable, but far from feature-complete. It has no way of tracking turns, points, checks or check-mates.

It's the classic age-old game, but with a TWIST! Your pieces can only move either left or right. Rules are otherwise the same.

------ Controls ------

Left/Right Arrows: Move the cursor

Z: Select piece/Select move.

------ Piece Movement ------

The Pawn:

Can move forward, one space at a time. Additionally, if it's their first turn, the pawn can move two spaces forward, skipping any piece in-between.

The Knight:

Moves exactly two spaces, forward or backwards, skipping any piece in-between.

The King: 

Moves one space, front or backwards. Currently can attack any piece, including the opposing King.

------To Dos: ------

 - Add sounds.

- Add proper backgrounds.

- Implement turn-tracking.

- Implement win-lose conditions (Check and Check-mate).
- Introduce the option to play different variants (Including Classic).

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